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Hillcrest Surveys Equipment

Hillcrest uses the most up to date Leica Geosystems equipment to ensure the high level of accuracy is provided in all our work. Examples of the equipment we employ are given below.

Leica TCA 2003

High performance total station with unique precision, angle accuracy of 0.5", and distance measurement of 1mm + 1ppm.

Leica TCRA1101

High end surveying total station...precise,reflectorless,robotic,quick and intelligent.. 1" angle resolution and distance measurement of 2mm +2ppm.

Leica RCS1100

System allows the surveyor to work from the target point.

Leica DNA03

Second generation digital level providing precise measurement with 0.3mm standard deviation per 1km double levelling.

Leica Precise ZNL Autoplumb

This is the most accurate, rugged and versatile instrument for centering or plumbing down. The ZNL can be reversed in the tribrach to provide zenith or nadia plumbing.

Leica GPH1P

Prism for the highest precision distance measurement exploits the full measuring accuracy of our instrumentation.

General Enquiries

TEL: 01202 309950
FAX: 01202 242105
Email: surveys@hillcrestsurveys.co.uk

Post Address

Head Office: 23 Bethia Road, Queens Park, Bournemouth BH8 9BD
London Office: 15, Willifield Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb London. NW11 7XU

Registered Office: 23 Bethia Road, Queens Park, Bournemouth BH8 9BD No: 04325704 VAT No: GB580 2489 30
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